The best Mexican restaurant in Coral Gables!

We are a chef-driven cuisine concept with Mexican food in Coral Gables. We offer a varied menu with the best Mexican food and flavors that cater to many. If you are craving lunch, dinner, or brunch with a Mexican twist, Maia House is your go-to restaurant near you, in the heart of Coral Gables.  Mexican dishes that you can find on our menu! Now let’s get more in-depth on why Maia House Mexican-inspired dishes are so mouth watering; from their lunch menu, dinner menu, and brunch menu that you will encounter a variety of delicious dishes that are Mexican-inspired near you, your favorite Mexican restaurant in Coral Gables. Here are a couple of menu items dishes Maia House offers in Coral Gables.

  • Torta Mexicana – This platter can be found on their lunch menu and it is a delicious Mexican sandwich that includes crispy chicken, chile Guero mayo, and pickled onions. This sandwich is perfect for anyone who wants to try a new and different Mexican dish. 
  • Pork Belly Tacos – A Mexican platter that is also ordered by many are the flavorsome pork belly tacos. This is considered to be a popular dish because it is full of flavor and it leaves your taste buds wanting more. It is seasoned with a well-known Mexican savory spice known as cilantro, and a special Mexican salsa known as xnipec.
  • Maia Mexican Burger – This burger can be found on our dinner menu and it incorporates an authentic Mexican taste with a special twist by using tasteful ingredients like salsa macha, frisee, and chile guero mayo. Our unique signature Mexican Burger is a must-try!
  • Deviled Eggs – A favorite brunch item! If you are in the mood for a delicious spicy starter this dish is definitely for you. It is made with chipotle sauce that is widely used in Mexico and consists of smoked hot chili peppers. 
  • Chicken Enchiladas – A traditional Mexican brunch dish like if you were in Mexico! Our chicken enchiladas are seasoned with a variety of flavorful Mexican ingredients that are just simply delicious. With each bite you take, they’ll have you wanting more! 

Are you looking to have the best traditional Margaritas in the heart of Coral Gables? We encourage you to visit the best Mexican restaurant in Coral Gables! 

Our bar focuses on mixology techniques! On a Mexican note our bar offers Spicy Original and Mezcal Margaritas that are craved by many. The spicy margarita contains tequila fused with triple sec, citrus, fresh jalapenos, agave syrup, and black lava salt on the rim. This drink takes traditional margarita to the next level. The Mezcal Margarita holds more of a bright flavor by incorporating citrus blends, fresh watermelon, and agave nectar. You need to try these two delicious cocktail in our daily Happy Hour. Visit the best happy hour in your favorite Mexican restaurant near in Coral Gables! 

Why Dine at Maia House? 

Our ambiance is pleasurable and stylish with outstanding Mayan inspired artwork surrounding the restaurant and great lounge music, you’ll also enjoy a live DJ on Saturday nights and on Sunday brunch. It is a perfect place to gather with your family and friends to enjoy delicious Mexican foos in Coral Gables. At Maia House, you’ll feel like you are home. Maia House is considered to be one of the best Mexican restaurants in Coral Gables. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all that we have to offer!